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A HUGE tokusatsu fan who just enjoys catering to his PGR waifus.
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A HUGE tokusatsu fan who just enjoys catering to his PGR waifus.
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I'm only an hour in and this seems to be much more than I expected! The visuals for the UI and gameplay are quite nice, something more casual for me to play alongside other more straining games

Minus finding it rather hard to accumulate gems to summon at times and the gameplay itself being wonky at times [ not as often for it to be a problem and it may just be my phone ], I thoroughly think any One Piece fan can enjoy this game with it's fun visuals and constant updates that keep this game fresh!



As a fan of competitive mobile games, Gacha/Collecting, and Godzilla-- this game tickles ALL the right spots! The Premium Pass is extremely affordable and the continuous updates really improve the games quality.

There was something about Honkai I could never get into, but PGR captivated me from the beginning. It started with just ghe aesthetics and soundtrack, but once I began to play, experience new characters, events-- I was fully sold! Especially with how incredibly free to play friendly this game is!

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Obligatory Praise Just gotta say, I love this game to death! The visuals, the events, gameplay, quality of life changes, Gacha generosity; it all ties together so perfectly! 
What're your guys favorite waifus/husbandos? Right now I'm in love with Camu and Lucia: Pluma.. but, I also love No. 21, even though she's not not for Global yet. [大哭]
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