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Utawarerumono Lost Flag


well its a mobage with utawarerumono skin.

gameplay mechanic are standard mobage semi turn base (all attack is automated while player only trigger the skill) and have nothing to do with original ip which is SRPG with visual novel element.

story wise, it is subpar compared to hakuoro arc and feels more watered down

lastly its gacha is similar to fgo with equip and character gacha sharing same pool with priority on equip. expect getting rainbow butterfly a lot just to be crushed when it turned into equip instead of unit.

even though I am fan of utawarerumono, i find lost flag not worth it

Eternal City | SEA


good game but incompetent and greedy sea dev. they making free wielder into paid while deleting any post that mention this on their fb page and kick the poster.

Wonder Gravity


good game with potential gameplay specially ASTRO ball. sadly the dev is complete incompetent. various bug and questionable event are still occured in game

have good potential with smart gamplay but suffer from greedy gacha model similar to FGO where memoire will have virtually 70% of your drop

This game feels like primitive browser game (warturne) with franchise skin. Granted instead being pseudo game with full auto gameplay, this game use generic mobile action rpg mechanic. but then again the combat feels cluncky and slow without dodge mechanic.

The story is poorly written and the music are quite bland.

Dark Rebellion | Japanese


Generic mobile game with potential world building.

Gameplay wise its your standart auto attack rpg with tap for skill. nothing new

Lets focus on elephant in the room shall we? Sadly this game have the worst gacha system ever. With expansive gem/10 roll. On top of that, premium gacha pool have material, equipment, hero shard and tiny chance to drop the actual hero. If you still planning to play, just avoid gacha and buy shard in the shop and from unit quest.

It is lite version of hidden gem Langrisser (1-5). The game did simplify the main series gameplay for a reason. Here is the result of my review.

Gameplay wise the game simplify the squad system by fusing commander unit and troops unit into 1. Thus the game appear to be similar to main stream SRPG instead the unique massive battle in main title. As for the battle map, albeit it was simple map, it was much bigger then FE heroes giving you much space to maneuver and try different tactic.

Music wise the game did use the remix version of old Langrisser game. Its jusk ok

Lastly this game did include simplified scenario from main title Currently i spot Langrisser 2 story in time rift mode. This is good for player, who wanted to experienced main title but got stuck by language barrier since only 1st langrisser is officialy localized.

Libra of Precatus


1st dont get fooled by 1 star review as most of them are due to rough launch which never updated.

Gameplay wise it is nothing break through just a solid mobile jrpg. there is no balancing issue yet specially if we considering the generous drop rate.

World building wise, the game decide to explore a unique setting. it remind me of ww1 combined with ww2 in steampunk setting. So you will find few scantly clad sorcerress but more soldier in uniform with gun, assault rifle and flintlock.... now that i think of it the setting is closer to valkrya chronicle.

Graphic wise the game card graphic is beautifull it was well animated while they keep battle sprite simple

Gacha wise it was the most generous drop rate i ever see in greedy mobage enviroment. With 7% drop rate on 4* base unit you bound to get plenty of them.

in conclusion the game is still in early stage. there is no event yet and they can add more feature but overall valid game with great potential

Akanesasu Shojo


ok SRPG. its a basic hexa tile base with some condition.

UR unit can be grinded by playing later elite mission but regarding you need thousand of them you will need long time if you planning to. obtain them this way

Gacha rate is generous 5% much better then most on 3% rate and atrocious one like shin megami tensei 0.5%. although the gacha might give you shard instead of a full unit.

i give them 4 simply because i just like SRPG

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