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The Gameplay is Okay, but when comes to connection it keeps connecting whenever i go, even my connection speed reaching 1mbps it keeps reconnecting
and you need keep playing long for gather the equipment, gear and any ingredients
been wasting 5 hours in it not getting any better stuff
but, enjoying a bit

艾諾迪亞4 (Inotia 4)


Really enjoying the game :)

I am enjoy the game but gacha in here is weird enough
you see, there is new gacha type for new character that cost 4k diamond, at the first time i thought it will be a Guaranteed 1 SSR/*5 Hero, but when i pulled got nothing, so what difference between normal and this special ?
while normal just use 2600 Diamond, so disappointed

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Played from Shadow Knight first appearance, and had no problem in it, well i do understand the more game update, the more size of the game, and of course some Valkyrie making lag of Potato phone including me, but on top of that

the gacha wasn't too bad, there were guarantee each 10 time pull also on the 10th pull, for example, you gacha 1 time for 10 time you will get a guarantee

Love all the Valkyrie, their design, voices, the individual characteristics of it i like it so much especially Himeko, and Fu Hua/ Fuka

Love the Gameplay and also the story, but sadly the story soooo much sacrifices, ohh myy :(, where is himeko.... she still missing

anyway didn't regret download it, thank you MiHoyo for creating this wonderful game

oh and also try to play their other game like Genshin Impact

I am okay being the rate is low, becasue that is the enjoyment from that, heartbeats speedup when gold spark came out, and...
Love the Character design
Love the Gameplay
Love the Story Development
Love the Event
Love Everything

edit : i got my account back.... and thank you for your like [開心][開心][開心]

because of that i got Shuten with 6SQ

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