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Choice x Darling


The story is really nice and it isn't a pay to win kind of game! Different characters and well written stories! 是非やってね! [賣萌]

このゲームマジやばいわ。ストーリーもすごく良い! フルは高いけど、そんなの気にしないわ。The game is good and so is the story! The full is pricey but yku get what you paid for! Who wouldn't love Kimura Ryohei?! [開心]

The game is mostly in Japanese and that's fine since I studied the language! The file is pretty big but it makes up for the graphics and the plethora of songs this B-Project has! My only concern is that the buttons can be really small compared to other rhythm games although that can be done and get used to afterwards! [開心]

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happy ending of saitou souma's character?¿? became a yandere and broke your phone...?¿?? drugged you and took you somewhere... ¿?? [無語] Read Note
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