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well i love playing games
Kendy ngadiman 1439851

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well i love playing games
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For me this game model it almost same like archknight from the graphic design, monster design and with deployment cost. they have difference only at the battle system archknight(tower defence) and countet:side(turn based battle system)
this game has more good graphic if we compare it with archknight graphic 😎😎 (for my eyes)
and the story also good if you guys read it😂😂😂
overall im happy with this game 😁 even people brag about the lowrate gacha still its doesnt matter to me🥱🥱🥱 even with SR heroes that i got and upgrade it to 5 stars thats good enough already
hope you guys enjoy this game and hope i can last long with this game
sorry if my explanation wasnt enough

Well This game my first impression
i like the graphic
the character design seems smooth also
i will try review after the time i play more

Shining Maiden | English


Uh before update it was good
but after upgrade the gameplay become hard on daily dungeon
my power 50.000 with daily 37.000 cant get past the daily stage before i can
i think not good to buff the monster
and also
try to increase ingredients to promote our ladies
i hope this review help
this game not bad with turn based battle
graphic was good enough with 2.5D live
or maybe can increase number of the party🤣🤣🤣🤣

well this game good i like it
the game almost same as love live , idolmaster gameplay
music and with some 3d mv dance
but i wonder why
the virtual live cant connect compeletely like when im entering the stages when the concert start it will keep disconnecting? i wonder whyy... i wonder howw....

Blue Archive | Japanese


i think this game very good even i need on screen translation xD i like its graphic that smooth
how the character moves , dies, pose its cute though🤣🤣
i hope it will realease for english version or just add english language on this version

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