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Game TOP! but
1: Very little stamina[睡覺]
2: No PC version[難過]
3: Gemepad doesn't work
4: No English [為什麼]
5: The game is not optimized


One of the minuses: it’s a gacha, it is clogged with all kinds of rubbish, and twisting it is expensive.
The second minus: it often hangs and Rem appears and for this you go out with a mission without a reward.
The third minus: the plot, to go through the game in order to find out what you saw in the anime is stupid.
Of the pluses only: the schedule.
This game shows how greedy the developers can be.[難過]

Arknights | English


Gacha is a nightmare here. I’ve been playing here for more than a week and set it for 9 hours. As a result, I only release 3-stars [為什麼] and I begin to doubt that there are 4 or 5 stars. As they say, to leave hope to everyone who comes here.[汗顏]But the game is very cool, I advise everyone to hang up for more than 1 hour.[色色]

The game is good [開心] but really need English.[大哭]



Very need English and do 2 gacha one only with weapons and another only maps, but not in the aggregate, as now! [可憐] If you correct these two points in the game you can spend more than one hour.[怪笑]

Tales of Wind



Games top[開心][色色]

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