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Artist that loves games and Yamashita (>・)b
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Artist that loves games and Yamashita (>・)b
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I never really liked idol games.. This one is somehow different!
I'm starting to love every character more and more and even watched the anime by now.. you should give it a try if you like handsome anime boys and catchy music~ (I love Ritsu so much!)
In my opinion it's not necessarily needed to be able to read Japanese, if you don't want to pay too much attention to the story anyway.

My Hero Academia


I love BnHA and think, this is an awesome game! It's not that hard to get into the game without knowing chinese and it makes a lot of fun. And even though you need sometimes luck to get your fav characters, you can still purchase them with ingame money. You don't need to spend your real money, which I think is really cool!

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Why can't I update the game? I downloaded the update but I can't install it. When I click the button nothing happens? I restarted my phone and so on, but nothing works!  Read Note
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