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World Flipper


absolutely epic i am in love with this game

Magatsu Wahrheit


I was expecting a lot more with pretty art like this and a cool concept as well. I am willing to suffer bad gameplay for good art, but there's not many because the gameplay is solo! You scout for gear to put on your own character instead of scouting for supporters/units/cards or whatnot. If you're into that, then this game could be for you but the battle system is still weird and not very engaging.. (also it lags a bit for me (nothing too annoying) and it could just be my phone but it could also just be the game since my phone doesn't really lag in other 3D games)

An amazing game!!! Unfortunately had to stop playing because of time, but I would so love to play it again! The art is gorgeous, the UI is gorgeous and clean, and it's pretty difficult in the best of ways! It would be an advantage to be able to read the skills in English, however we would have to wait for an English ver. for that. If that ever happened, I would definitely plunge right back into playing this game again. Untill then this game is on my watch list of "to return to" games

Shikihime Tenyuki


never had so much fun with a game of this kind..and I can use event points to buy pfps that are themed according to the event... I'M EXCITED FOR A POSSIBLE SUMMER EVENT NEXT YEAR

Sangoku Justice


tbh Kota is my son

Kyoutou Project


boys...... 👌👌👌👌

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FOREVER IN MY HEART!!! I love you girls!!! Read Note
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