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Pretty blatant Compass clone, except more bland

If you're a fan of the generic mobile ARPG gameplay vibe and $30 outfits, you'll probably like this.

A Tag Knight


Literally all you do is hold the attack button. That's it. The attack VFX gets old incredibly fast and it took me less than five minutes to bug the game out into oblivion. The edgy girl they're shilling this with has a nice design.

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Auto shitshow pretending to be a skillful shooter (same as Azur Lane); uncleared auto starting right after the handholding ends; very lacking audio design

Werewolf Judgement


Pretty competent Werewolf game with an annoying energy system. The lack of English support is an unfortunate shame.



Typical battle royale. It's PUBG, after all. Borderline comical levels of greediness. The RE2 crossover had roughly $50 skins; battle passes primarily contain timed rewards; the Google Play prepaid card event was almost entirely timed items.

Tekken Mobile


It was somewhat playable, but painfully pay-to-win. It gave Tekken Revolution a run for its money in MTX department. Requiescat in pace, papa.

King's Raid


Nice graphics, fantastic theme songs, storyline turns edgy. I should like this. I want to. Too bad it's an auto shitfest. Too bad it shills being able to get and rank any character for free, only for the whale meta to be focused on character-specific equipment.



Very laggy to the point of being useless. You're genuinely better off popping a browser on your phone and directly going to the website yourself.

Makai Wars | Japanese


Generic SRPG with auto on uncleared, making any sort of gameplay borderline pointless. The Disgaea vibe, while pleasant, is merely audiovisual. 3k yen 10-rolls on top of a measly 1% rate for the highest rarity.

Birdie Crush™


It's basically an easier, simpler Pangya. If you like these sort of games, you'll probably enjoy this as well. Desperately needs a putting training mode.

Tower of Hero


Generic idle game.

Pandoraid: Action RPG


Charming audio and visuals, and the gameplay's fairly unique. Plenty of characters to unlock as well, so there's always a goal to aim for. The banner ad is placed at a location your eyes are never really intended to shift to, but the full ads after death can get annoying. They do skip after only five seconds, though. No MTX I'm aware of either, even ones for disabling the aforementioned.

League of Wonderland


Clash Royale clone in nearly every single aspect. How stupid/ignorant/naive/pathetic/all of the mentioned do you have to be to rip off a game like that this heavily in mid-current year and expect to achieve anything?

SINoALICE | Japanese


Everything relating to visual/audio design and story is absolutely wonderful. Yoko Taro is a God amongst men, who can do no wrong, and his usual crew such as Keiichi Okabe never fails to impress. Get to the actual game though, and you get pointless auto trash with ridiculously overpriced packages. Forget about being of any use in Colosseum without whaling either.

Stella Maiden | English


Surprisingly good. Comfy music, alright gameplay and its summons run on mechanics similar to games like Azur Lane, so you can get most top-tiers relatively easy and without so much as a thought of paying. Couldn't care less about the storyline, though.

Pokémon Masters EX


Auto. Really weird optimization, where most things will run fine, but things like sync animations lag on even a pretty solid phone.

Another generic whale-to-win idol game, except it has some okay cover songs, two out of five groups actually sound good, and it has a swipe note which at best is a 50/50 to actually complete.



Generic designs, sketchy drop rates. Never trust a game that openly shills having no gachas; there's always a catch.

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>date or die?
Based on what this gameplay looks like, die sounds like a tempting option, ngl
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