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Pokemon Masters


Rosa/Mei best waifu.

Amazing game with english language included.
It's Granblue Fantasy, there is nothing else to say.

But I must say, for me at least is very boring, why? because I created an account and got like 93749283 rewards, so I immediately, just before finishing the TUTORIAL, I got an OP full SSR team, I played Hard raids being rank 10 and survived because of my team, and for a beginner, having everything so easy, it's kinda boring... but that is just my experience with the game, I still love it, GBF is amazing!!! [色色]



Great game to play with friends!
It's funny how the mobile version is WAY better than the original PC (Steam) version [怪笑]

You can check my review for the EN version of the game if you want to know why I love it so much.
That aside, this JAP version is the "better version" due to being the original, so it is 1 year ahead of the EN ver. having a lot more content, but if you play the EN ver. don't feel sad, we'll reach this one sooner or later.
As for the people that want to play Bandori and want to start here, the game is so simple, sooo simple, that you will have 0 to no problems about it being in japanese, so come join the fun!

The best mobile rythm game I have ever played, the characters are all great, the songs are masterpieces, amazing covers, is a really fun game to play online multiplayer in it's "Multi Live" mode, which is totally alive, there are tons to players so you never have to wait more than 10 seconds to start a Multi Live.
"Energy" isn't required to play the game, so you don't have to wait anything, the energy only works to multiply rewards but that isn't really necessary if, for example, you really want to get a full combo and you want to do some training.
The best of all is that this game isn't pay to win, you get rewarded a lot, and by a lot I mean A LOT, you can pull around 5 gachas a month and that's good.
The JAP version obviously has more content but if you start to play this version instead you will be totally fine! (JAP ver. is 1 year ahead of the EN ver.)
Come join the fun! [開心]

Puchiguru LoveLive!



F, the game was cute but bad, really it's only value was the Neso-camera.

My first mobile rythm game, and it's a blast to play! I'm on my way for my 4th year playing it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Great gameplay and over 200 songs to play, you have a lot to do in this game.
Lots of rewards, fair gachas with a lot of different possibilities to get UR cards, it's a very good beginner friendly game.

Aqours > μ's
Ruby, Chika, Dia, Nico, Hanayo and Honoka best waifus!!!

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Can someone tell me when does the coin shop and the VSpts shop refill their stock? it says 12/31, does that mean December 31??? you gotta be kidding me! I'm stuck because I can't buy more Maples from the coin shop, I cannot get them anywhere else other than the events and have 7 SSRs waiting to be converted into URs (I already jave 1 UR, I had to buy everything and use everything I unlocked to get it). Read Note
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