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gacha aburrido no vale la pena jugarlo solo si tienes paciencia.

shitty rates, you need to spend a lot to get powercreep
not gacha friendly
worst than links
less gems everyday.
you need to play pvp in order to win gems but whales will screw you over

play it at your own risk

excelente juego recomendado,te dan varias unidades 5 y su evento de fin de año ahora es el mejor

nice game[不滿][不滿]

Final Gear | Japanese


muy bueno

Genshin Impact


rates son una basura,si los rates son malos no vale la pena este juego existe solo para exprimirte la billetera y eso que otros juegos como fgo te dan mas cosas.

finally got all the idea members!

Destiny Child | Global


good game

nice and friendly game

Last Origin | Korean


not even giving their link to updates just telling inspection,this goes from bad to worst.

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looking to trade..
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