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Avalon - Era of Genesis


noice game

Revived Witch | English


definitely one of the best surprises of 2021. hopefully they can maintain the balance for f2p and p2w going forward

Azur Lane | English


would be nice if they added gems on monthly login or weekly rewards since you'll have gem drought once you're done with story

it's a pain to wait for prifes and limited units if you missed them but at least you can take your time farming jewels from clan battles. has some of the best animated cutscenes

Blue Archive | Global


nice side game, but you'll need to be smart where you spend your pyroxenes coz of limited units

Arknights | English


One of the best, if not the best strategy game on the market. Easily combines the love for rts and anime chibi while having their skins give a different flavor to the operator. Unlike most games where having the highest rarity unit would usually give you an easy time, Arknights will still give you a challenge, especially during high risk Contingency Contract and some event challenge modes. Definitely worth a try if you think mind games are your thing.

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i have no idea what I'm doing. 7k short of 320k and overupgraded spd, could've had SS in str but oh well, it was my first uma with SS stat Read Note
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