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Burn Your Fat With Me! FG


As someone who's overweight for their age, I can't help but love this game. The voice actors do really well, and I love the art so much! This game really motivates me to lose weight!

A Slick Romance | Global


Such a creative storyline! I love Mirai so much!!

Nightmare Harem | Global


This game has such beautfil characters! Especially Lucia and Noel!

Love Gossip | Global


Great game! I'm hoping to see some side stories!

Feral Boyfriend | English


Intesting game! Hopefully, more side stories will come out!

Awesome game! I'm still waiting for my precious Cyril's route, though!

Awesome game! I can't wait till the rest of the stories are out!

Blood Domination | Global


Kudos to the artists and writers of this game! It's so interesting! I can't wait to see if more characters will be added!

An OK game. Not the best payment-wise. A big issue is the Birhday Photo Shoot update. Please bring it back down to 10 steps instead of 40. That's WAY too much!

Subway Surfers


A strangely addicting game to play!



Amazing characters! The story is really interesting, and all of the characters are so unique! Kudos to the wonderful artist of the original characters; the art is beautiful!

An amazing game with an equally amazing storyline and characters! the art is so pretty, and there's just the right amount of suitors to choose from!

Forbidden Love | Global


A great game with a very interesting storyline!

What an amazing game! This easily gets a five-star rating!!

Anidol Colors


An amazing game!

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


If only the game play was a little easier, and if the cards were easier to receive...

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Does anyone know how to change the Idol on the Home Screen? Read Note
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