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this isn't some weird remake, or a botched port. This IS the original version of likely the best Castlevania game ever made, ported to Mobile in a competently way. 10/10 that first castle theme is a banger

SINoALICE | Global


Yoko Taro is at it again, making a story that's both kinda wild, yet interesting. This time he takes Fairy Tale characters and turns them into twisted versions of themselves. worth checking out from the spectacule alone.

Ps. Cinderella is my fav, lmao

Cookie Run: Kingdom


Fun game with some interesting mechanics. A unique take on the Cookie Run formula with its own story.
some parts can be difficult, and arena is blatantly Pay to Win, but besides that it's worth checking out

Pokémon Masters EX


Although the battle system is altered from how it is in the Pokemon Games, it takes its own spin on the formula in a more real-time way. Fun to play

Also it's more like a Pokemon Character collector, tbh.

fantastic game, with touching stories. very stingy with draw currency though.

Arknights | English


really good game, with probably some of the coolest character designs around

Granblue Fantasy


exceptionally great game, worth playing. things like Weapon Grid can be difficult to understand at first, but learning it gives great power

Dragalia Lost


The game's real good. story is interesting, and combat easy to understand, but difficult to master

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