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I'm a whale •3•
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I'm a whale •3•
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Bakery Story YEASTKEN


You'll like the same if you just enjoy collecting and doing the same representative thing. Also, Dogs and food in it.

Graphics: 5/5
Very, very cute and adorable

Sound: 5/5
Who dosent like the classic 8-bit sounds?

Gameplay: 4/5
Pretty simple.
Put 2 coins in the machine, turn it, get the capsule ball, open it, a random dog bun to collect.
collect coins to repeat the process.
It does get boring of the repeated process.

Storyline: Unknown
I cant read Japanese :,>

Value: 3/5
It's just a random collector that does get boring since your doing the same thing.
ADs randomly pop-up which do get annoying also.

Butter me up doge, you better be tasty to eat. •3•

Disney Twisted Wonderland


I really do enjoy how the game is...
Its a mixture of turn-base fighting + simple rhythm game + RPG + collecting cards to level up

Graphics: 4/5
I enjoy the clear view of characters games and the chibis which reminds me of the Kingdom Hearts Union chibis.
Though there is a bit of delay from tapping stuff here and there which should be fixed, unless its just my phone?

Sound: 5/5
perfect, splendid, no ear-rape noises.
mah gawd, the bros sound smoking hot too.

Gameplay: 3/5
It's pretty self explanatory in general if you have played Otome, Rhythm, RPG, and turn based fighting games.
I can't read Japanese but navigating and looking at the pictures of what I had to do was simple enough.
- Rhythm game: I do have a problem that everytime I tap perfectly at certain areas it says I miss? It bugs me because I play a lot of rhythm games or use to and I play osu on a daily basis since 2014, so it isnt me.
- Turn Based Fighting: Very simple, Red -> Green -> Blue -> Red. White is neutral. you pick 2 cards that your enemy is weak to and its random depending on the character cards you chose to attack them.
- Cards: Collect the cards to level them up to unlock character stories and other shenanigans.

Storyline: Unknown
I sadly do not speak, read, write, or talk in Japanese so this is out of my line.
If they ever come out with a global or English version I'll definitely change the rating

Value: 5/5
They dont ask for your money or anything
They just want ya to have fun, fam.

Digimon Links | Global


[色色]sweet memories back from Digimon

For a person that dosent usually play Female Band rhythm games. it was worth it. I got 4 star card easier on ENG and JPN versions.

Onmyoji Arena | Global


if you play MMO's online
then its similar to those but on your mobile phone.

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someone explain this o-o
three 4☆s in one poll... 
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