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NieR Re[in]carnation


This is good game!!

Asus Max Pro M1 still playable, but better phone recommended 👍

Mobile Legends: Adventure


f2p for you PvE players, if you want kill your time, just play this game. [厲害]

Good for PvE users, easy play from the start, but if you want focus to PvP, of course you need pay for extra power [厲害].

Arena of Valor | IDN


Nice game, one of the best MOBA Mobile, but have low players in Indonesia [憋屈]

Need english language \(^o^)/

Even you set high resolution, it's still bergerigi gerigi on object [怪笑]

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Year end event AoV Indonesia [開心]
1. Free winter frame and butterfly/tulen icons
2. Free richter skin from login
3. Raz new skin coming soon
4. Violet "Dimension Breaker" is back
5. Year end gifts (idk what is it, let's wait)
6. Try all heroes
7. No star drop
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