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Visuals and strategy makes this game worth playing alone. I've reroll Ed countless of times and although you get a bunch of 5 and 6*s, if you don't have the diversity of characters, it would make wanting to use your 6*s hell. In the end, strategy is what sells the game, which then brings me to ask, is this game pay to win? No it isn't. The game balances out what characters you need, vs what characters you like. Sometimes you don't even end up using your waifu or your awesomely cool 6*.

Rerolling is forgiving. Just exit the game after the tutorial, click on the top right icon and create a new password for another account. Once you've reached 1-3, it will ask if you want to skip the novice tutorial (left button) or complete it again (right button). Choose the left and confirm. Happy gaming :)

Epic Seven


Just past ch. 1. Art and animation are amazing. Gameplay is somewhat satisfying, but repetitive. Free 10x roll, 30 times once you complete the 1st chapter. Characters and equipments are in the same roll and 1.25% to get characters. 300 dollars doesn't get you a 5*, I've made the mistake for you :) other than the gacha, game is fantastic and emersive with dozens of ways to earn free crystals.

Iron Saga (JP)


The art of this game is very cute and shexyy ;D but the gameplay is a bit boring Imo. Interesting how units automatically dodge and shoot, while you have semi-control on where units move and who they attack. Purchasing diamond and bundles are atm bugged and you will end up loosing money. So don't spend a dime until it's fixed.

Man or Vampire


Good graphic easy to obtain 5*s, and auto mode helps a bunch. Love the roguelike gameplay

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