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I was afraid this would be one of those rhythm games you'd try for a day or two and then barely touch evet again. But I'm happy to say that, for me, this isn't the case!

The rhythm game is your standard tap to the song but with an added gimmiy in the form of SPP. Unlock the SPP node of a card, play the correct song with this character, and get a special dance during the support time! I'm interested to see more of these!
The mv's are high quality with every character on stage moving different from each other (so no copy paste models). I read they've been motion captured and that explains the life and energy in the mv's! (Do note you have to have a good phone to play the mv's! i have a Xiaomi mi 8 lite, which is under the recommended graphic chip, but I'm lucky i can play in low 3d mode)

Drop rates seem a little low but maybe the events will give us more jewels!

You also get an office space that reminds me of the one in Cinderella girls, but in this you have to do jobs to unlock outfit patterns for the idols to wear while they walk around and interact with the furniture! These crafted outfit also boost an idols' job stats so win win.

All in a this game has enough for me to do that i keep coming back to it!

Cool of them to give us a little sneak peek like this! Games usually don't do that!

Gameplay is your standard rhythm game with a mv movie in the background. The 3D models look very nice and I'm excited to see the other characters! Hope they add in an option to make the notes bigger.

I've seen others having issues with the models, but I'm running aandroid on a xiaomi 8 lite and it's a working fine so either it's a bug or not strong enough phone.

All in all... it's a demo of one song so can't say a lot more about it. Hopefully the full game gets released this year 😇

First of all: don't go in expecting sif 2.0! All stars is it's own game with new mechanics. It's a 'rhythm rpg' meaning the rhythm aspect is only 50% of the gameplay.

How that works is that stamina depletes each time you get a good or perfect or nice from the rhythm portion and you need good cards with good skills to complete a song. You get these by doing the gacha, training them, and unlocking nodes on the cards' idol road. Rinse and repeat. Simple enough, but not for everyone. Personally, i like it. It's something new and while I never could get into sif I'm loving All Stars!

The game looks good with a pretty UI and 3d graphics. The card art is stunning and the costumes are a big plus in keeping me interested! I have a Xiaomi Mi 8 lite and everything works fine for me. My phone does heat up during gameplay but not overly so.

So yeah! Try it out for yourself!

Palette Parade


Very cute game! Gameplay is simple enough and it's easy to pick up. Tutorial gacha has a reroll option and you can get multiple 4*'s in a roll so that's nice!

As everyone and their grandmother has noticed the graphics resemble Enstars a lot, but I think that's good and have no problem with it. Just like Enstars it's a breeding game, not a rhythm game.

I'm interested to see how events will play out in the game and if it will bring something else to it as regular gameplay can get repetetive real fast.
Overall a good game, tho!



Very nice so far! Excited to see what's to come for this game :)

Starry Palette


Pretty solid rhythm game! The songs are fun, the art is nice, but the only thing bugging me is that you need a dupe of a card so 'idolize' it..

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