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Arcana Tactics


it seems like the people who are reviewing here doesnt even bother to learn.. the game is great, you need to quick when shopping and trying to remember the combine recipes but as you keep playing you will get used to it, yes the game is hard but its fun, all hero that you have will be usable in this game

i just reach ch 4 in few hours and im having so much fun, its a new kind of genre combinig auto chess and hero collector, give it a try if you like a game that's challenging and not just about gacha and auto

its would be perfect if they make it as a fun casual game where you also can collect the one piece character, but the event man.. the grind is real, i think they should consider on how the event should be played (auto-play, skip ticket, more points/run)

Inazuma Eleven SD


but anyone here experience that your phone treat the game data as junk and it got cleaned? any solution?

is there any other way to get that D.crystal? the currency that you use for gacha. 1/day from daily and u need 250 to do 10pulls...

Pokémon Masters EX


you could complaint every little thing that you want but for me this is the best mobile pokemon game out there
-Gacha rate is 7% for the highest rarity compared to another games that usually had 1-3% rates
-There is no stamina system you can farm anytime you want
-Yes the battle is different that your usual console pokemon games and the skillset is limited for now
-No PVP but there is co-op mode and i prefer to have no PVP on a game like this

Have fun.

Magia Record | English


its FGO with different skin, thats all and the gacha rate is 1% for the highest rarity character, as far as i finished chapter1 and get free 10 pull it doesnt guaranteed you get a highest rarity even for the newbie first pull, so good luck guys

its good, if you think the gacha is bad then just wait for rate up banner so we will get better chance dont just pull from bait banner like a gacha maniacs, the music is good, the art is also good, and for me the best part is that in this game you just need to pull the girl once and thats all you set to max her without needed to pull dupe or skill set etc which is on some other game you need to pull dupe to max a character

imagine playing a game just to gacha and complain if you didnt get what you want LUL its not fire emblem heroes bruh, you can survive the story with any hero, well i dont know if you aiming to be #1 in arena but you doesnt want to spend. are you new to mobile game?



this aint it chief

Epic Seven | Global


anyone know what is the requirement to get 3 stars on chapter 1 secret 2?

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40 pulls with gems
10 from spiral tower tickets
20 from newbie quest tickets
only get me one ss albert
damn that was pretty unlucky for 5% rates.. reroll when its fully released i guess 
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