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World Flipper


Thank you dumb ESLs for turning this review system as bad as google play. Go back. One star for some minor issue I got past in 5 minutes. The rating is undeserving for something thats finally fresh gameplay and more action paced. Finally glad to see something thats not turned based autoplay or push a skill every so often. The pixel style may be offputting to some but its got fun gameplay and the character art is nice. I love pinball and I like that this requires some reaction skill.

I was really looking forward to this but sheesh, Gumi really went out of its way to make this game maximum whale bait. Then a vip system that locks you out of QOL features and shard costs that put most chinese games to shame. Two paid banners at launch. Great game and character designs trapped in total wallet destroying system.

AFK Arena | Global


The people who rated value higher than 1 are smoking. After a certain point in the game almost any form of progression takes premium currency and takes quite a bit of it. It comes very very slow as f2p. I can't even imagine the type of person that would spend 50 bucks for 10 roll on a simple near eventless idle game.

Blank City


Don't think I'm going to stick with this. Whoever thought counter attack should only work while standing still should be hanged. The premium currency is super stingy. They give you nothing to start with. Leveling skills is super expensive. Cant even roll after clearing the up to into the 3rd chapter and playing for 2 days. The biggest red flag is the dps check walls of protecting a object from getting killed by massive amounts of enemies. Progession doesnt feel smooth at all. Stick to Honkai. Its a shame this is such a cash grab.

Monorei Shojo


The only gameplay in this "game" is spending money

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