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Destiny Child | Global


really good game i have been playing long long time from the start release game

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


best game i ever play [開心]
have not even got to title screen yet lol

the game soo good
it's dose not feel like fgo people talk about
its completely different
rewards good lot rolls
music good as well English voice

i only like is the plot lot plots animation girls 0w0
but the game play it like old computer rpg don't know what going on whit no animation just text

Yakuza ONLINE | Japanese


good game
art style really good like kof all star, i guess Destiny Child
happy to get all my pre-register free stuff x3
+ at start give you 3 selection of SSR 10 free pull[開心]
now time to wait phantasy star online idol sage app
so i can put my Sega ID [微笑]

jp did better job you get 11 free cards free at start 150 mb let you reroll how many times as you want get UR best get 2 UR with SSR + give you 11 pull ticket pull again in full game 2,000 something gems

this one no free 11 pulls start, no 11 pull ticket,
let you start 3,000 something gems 2 ssr ticket some other things [汗顏]

this most best mobile game i ever play
RPG and Rhythm together
almost arcade fighting layout look
ultimate looks good
plots and girls look like having sex just doing each other key hole heart locker best one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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chat is dead in qooapp 
if you want talk or chat or soo 
my info kik raccoon1267 
discord raccoon#8006
if you want add me steam same username 0w0
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