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Echocalypse | SEA


Turn-based gacha waifu fighting games, the character have their own voiced by seiyuu

貓之城 - 送300抽


if you love cat waifu, turn based game, you'll like this game

Nice anime graphic, Good character art (nice character plot). The story and the character have the voice, that's the more plus value for this game

Nice 2.5D character, fun and interesting sport game and gameplay. story are following the anime, that's great

Engage Kill


Good Turn-Base battle game, the graphic are really good. the character art look like the anime and i can see some canon event between MC and the other heroine

thank you for wake me up every morning Chika. Where's Kei Shirogane?

Chibi Girls


Nice dressing girl game for my girlfriend to play with

Good turn base game, have amazing graphic yes cause I play the honkai impact game too

Nice ryhtm game, have the song exactly like on the anime

Anime Turn-base game and have the zombie element, such a nice game and great fighting system. Nice character art, plot and scene. IYKWIM

i've watch some of the gameplay om youtube and i kinda like it this kind of game. but i already played so many game so i'm afraid i dont much time to play this game. Sorry

i'm not play the chinese version, but play the global version but following the update on chinese version too. overall its a good racing game that have 2 main mode : speed and item. the item mode feel nostalgic like playing crash team racing back then on playstation :) in this game you can have a couple too and race with your couple on the couple race mode that have a uniq gameplay too

Arknights | English


Good tower defense game like PvZ but more upgrade and many waifu, you still can clear the stage even with lower stars/rarity operator. THANKS FOR OUR LORD KYOSTINV

good game, good story following the anime and the event story are interesting to read too. playable game for low spender or not spender, but if you wanted to be at leaderboard, burn your Money 🔥🔥

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