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No games that interest me for now....
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No games that interest me for now....
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Blue Archive | Global


It would be better if you stay away from this version if dont want so much drama...

U can already see it in its ratings...



This app literally saves my time from opening steam and looking for notifications about new free games.

also back in the day the world is still not in pandemic, very useful for me who always go to internet shop to play games.
I dont really trust internet cafes when opening my own email.

Spotify Music


Darude - Sandstorm

I just use this because I can earn drops from watching for the games that I play that's it
I only watch highlight on youtube. much better...



I've seen a lot of reviews in here rating this game a bit high
NO!! Its not even worthy of high ratings
2-3.5 rating is the best I can give

story is ok, nothing interesting. its skippable
music kinda meh tbh
super grindy (you farming a lot of material to enhance your chara for easy darksteel farming and story progression)
you are just idling the whole time(except for the darksteel farming)
p2w elements (putting expensive bundle for chara enhancing)
there some materials in codex(a non sense feature from the game for chara enhancing) that actually needs to be bought by a certain price.

You can actually earn this game by just farming darksteels and smelt it.(maybe one of the reasons why expensive bundle and frequent PKs in ds farm area exists)
Also a lot of cheaters and bots in this game.

I also saw someone saying the game is fun, like how is just idling the entier time fun?
well every person has own kinds of fun, but still, i cant really tell the fun in this game.

I cant really recommend this game to everyone
but if you are looking for something to earn well go for it.

Revived Witch | English


the game became too boring after playing for a few days.
Honestly... I almost feel like I want to quit but I didnt due to the characters (kinda like them)

story is decent
music is good
gameplay is what actually hooked me into playing more,
pixel graphics with old rpg elements in it.

but suddenly i got bored due to grinding
pvp is just full of same team
event kinda meh tbh
guild is just a chatroom nothing else to do.

overall i dont agree with everyone putting high rating to this game
3-4 rating is the best i give to this.

I already quit...
It was just too boring...
Also I have other games to grind no time for this.

I was hoping that I can unlink my Google acc so that I can giveaway it. But, I cant.

If you dont agree on how boring the game is.
well, its your own opinion.

Pokemon Unite


I actually watched some few gameplays from the switch version, but they say it's a p2w game.

I don't usually give MOBA games high ratings unless it's gameplay is a bit unique to others.

I Played the for a few hours, It's actually a decent game...
Music is kinda meh tbh...

I wished those item equips or anything related to character enhancing should be remove because that might make the game imbalance.

the costume (or something) is ok i guess (it's matter of taste i guess). Unlike a certain MOBA that I've played, this doesn't have like a stat boost or something. But then If u feel like it, then why not?

But still, give this game a try.

I'm starting to get bored...
Also dont even compare this to Hi3

decent graphics
decent characters
same gameplay as others

Gatcha rate sucks hard
minimal rewards for new players(rather its more of recharging rewards that is a lot)
some features(or one?) is locked with a paywall
no button mapping

pvp is fine if this is an idle game... but it is not...

yeah, a lot of cons...
but everyone is entitled with an opinion... so... yeah...

Mid range~flagship phones only

Immediately uninstalled after playing for a few minutes because I'm playing it horribly at 10fps...
So I can't say anything that much from gameplay and the gatcha...
But I saw vids from the net about the game and it has kinda similar gameplay mechanics from the tales of (something) games (turn-based games? idk i forgot)
It's kinda disappointing tho...

For the amount of backlash in the review section, I'm just going to assume that this version is just horrible.
Also, why the f they need to region lock this game, it's dumb.

If curious or a big fan of this game, play the jap ver.
better rewards and doesn't need vpn that much...

Action Taimanin | Global


The fact that they make the 4th skill a paywall makes me drop a few stars to it... like seriously, what did they smoke when they decided to do that...

cute designs
decent graphics
decent storyline
decent gacha rates
Cheap stamina exchange

crappy controls(can't change it either)
Bundles are a bit expensive and kinda not worth it
4th skill paywall
pure manual grinding (no raid function)
minimum rewards(doesn't really give rewards to new players)

Damn... can't keep up with the grinding...
I'm getting bored...



I just installed this game out of curiosity...
just a few minutes of playing, I uninstalled it right away...
aside from not being able to understand Japanese, i just dont enjoyed playing this types of games.
Also it lags when playing live (or something idk what it callled)
idk if its my phone or not but that's what I experienced while playing.

If you are a big fan of AKB48, I'm sure that this game will be worth of your time.

It's just a puzzle game with a gacha in it, Nothing Special...

N0va Desktop


Needs more option...
this things eats my phone's ram
also they should add more live screen wallpaper, very few.

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


I rather make a new account than transferring jp acc to en due to some of the events (especially collabs) and songs being excluded to the en version.

Im using a somehow Low-end phone and game is running fine at lowest setting.
But I'm having a hard time trying to sync the notes and the song.

So the game is worth the time playing?
No... Play the jp ver. instead unless you want to read the story and having a hard time learning japanese.

But still, the game and story is great.

What's with Qoapp requiring reviewing the game to get the event rewards, that's bs...

I saw in a post that a one server got shutdown due mismanagement. hope this doesnt happen in here.


Played the game...
So far, this is what can I say:

• good graphics
• Characters in the game is somewhat attractive
• the turn-based gameplay is ok(i dont really play this kind of games)
• its super grindy (for me)
• i dont like farming raid tickets
• A lot of events for new players

So far, I've been enjoying the game, I still cant say if the gatcha is good or bad since I only played the game for a few hours and also havent rolled a lot...

Gatcha is ok i guess...
But I just quit since I suddenly got bored
and its too grindy...

farming raid tickets is tiring since you need to get it in exploration.
due to that a lot of energy is wasted

so give it a try if your a fan of Turn-based games.

Ever heard of tekken? They did pretty much similar to this but became to p2w... got shutdown... bad move from bandai namco....

so when I heard that this game would have a mobile version, I decide not to play this since I expect this kind of games would die in a year. but then I was wrong...

decided to try the game, this is what I think:
• A bit grindy (Already playing a lot of grindy games so I might play less or quit)
• Events are full of roullette and dice something (hmmm...)
• Free tries for events and summons involves watching ads (I rather do quest or mission rather than watching an ad)
• An One time summon where you can able to reset until you can get your desired character.
• A campaign playing against mobs (kinda boring if playing againsts players or one character)

I haven't played that much so no comments on the gatcha and pvp...

Already made a review in EN version... I'll just keep it simple.

If you are into the music and story, play this. It has all the music and story in it(I mean this the orig ver.)

If you are a competitive one(likes tiering), Play on ur own server. Jpn ver. has a lot of players, so it kinda hard to get into the rank u want.

U could also download both if ur either one of those.

Master Topia


This is a typical 3d rpg game that likes to squeeze out your hard-earned money(or ur allowance) until nothing comes out...

Played for few hours, and I didnt like it... too p2w...
also I refused to pay for this kind of game(experienced it and I regret paying).

Things that I didnt like:
• Vip shit stuffs (gives privilege)
• exp boost (still needs to pay for those so these gives more benefit for whalers and those who can pay)
• Everything increases your power level (like seriously, avatar gives you more power level? what a joke)
• Ui is terrible (A lot of buttons in the gameplay and it is covering up the screen. as for someone who uses a phone, this irritates me because it makes it hard too see.) A lot of mmorpg has this kind. Can they just put a menu then put all those inside the menu? Zzzzz
• Autoplay (this will become more of a idle game and it is no fun, just leaving while the game farms your character)
• A lot to enhance (I mean thats one of the elements of a rpg game but still, thats a lot...)
• p2w arena(if ur a competitve player, getting to good arena rank means u need to spend a lot)

I'll admit that costumes are pretty cute but thats just it... nothing else i can compliment this.

Storyline, I cant even enjoy, so its hard also to appreciate the story..

At first, you'll enjoy the game but later you'll have to pay a lot just to increased your power and then realized that u've regretted spending in this game and wasting time playing it.

If u still think that this game is f2p friendly and review is a false, just play it for a week. then u'll realized the game is just boring and money hungry.

Installed the game thinking that i can play it since mostly rhythm games that I've played have worked quite good despite having an old phone.

After finishing one practice live, I cant even load one single song. I keep repeating the same process. then I got tired and gave up.

My score might be a harsh despite having a good overall score...

Liked the music.
Same piano tiles (and other related to that) like gameplay.
Storyline? do they have one?idk...

Maybe I'll just focus on other games rather than this one. Well it kinda sad for me since I was really hype for this game since the announcement but then I cant even play it.

Still hoping for an optimization for low end devices...

Still waiting...

Genshin Impact


Man I was really hype for this since the beta.

Also I didnt really expect this game would boom so much that it became too popular.
Seriously... I mean Honkai Impact 3 didnt really get popular even though they are made by the same company Mihoyo.

Hmm... Maybe because people are spreading and calling it a BoTW ripoff but then they still decide to play it. (Thanks for trying out the game, Appreciate it so much)

Anyways good to see a lot of ppl liking it.

Things why I play this game:

• Cute Characters
• Loli (Im not a pedo lol)
• Moaning when exhausted
• Ara Ara
. They die when they fall
• interesting story
• THICC Thighs

Things that I like:
• Good Graphics
• Cross play Feature
• Combat mechanics (easy to dodge) pretty much hard to control in phones (for me though)
• more grinding and no autoplay/raid(I'm a not idle game kind of person I easily get bored)
• A clean UI

Another Update:
I've seen a lot a lot of games with autoplay system(mostly these games are also has Vip features and it is heavy p2w) Like seriously, how can u can even enjoy the game if the game is the ome farming ur account.

for Gatcha... Yeah it is still pretty meh
(I gave up on Klee)

I Rather save a total of 90 single rolls(or 9 10x rolls? correct me if I'm wrong) since u can get a guaranteed SSR char or even the banner for that.

Events are pretty good right now (more primogems but still less rewards in event shop, Im really in need of those levelup books and mora...)

Battlepass isnt really that kind of worth it(my opinion tho), rewards arent that many aside from that weapons but still I rather get a weapon in gatcha.

Also Congratz to them for winning in awards but then didn't win The Game Awards for best mobile game. I mean this game is much more deserving than Among us.

I haven't played that much too grindy tbh and those low rates of good artifacts and gatcha makes me tired...

also its too laggy both my pc and phone...

Yeah thats it...
Pls dont hate on meh...

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The Latest update fixes Lagging and syncing issues for some of the devices.
I'm so happy that now, I can able to play the game manually.[微笑][微笑][微笑]
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