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Kairisei Million Arthur


Ohh goddamn at last this game gonna shut down..
The game was great before they release the MMR gacha..jesus...

The Red deck is for literally go offensive deck. This deck is just to destroy your opponent directly without anything can't stop you from any base DP power. Basically high base power + all support card boost your DP stupidly high ammount.

The Blue deck is for defensive and well balance deck. This deck can boost your digis and stop your opponent from attacking you. From i can see the boost DP cards for this deck are only from the character card, the same as the red one.

The yellow deck is for fast leveling and destroying your opponent card. The chara card, Takeru, is boosting your DP cards from the shield that prevent your opponent defeat you directly. All support card and the digimon card basically reduce the DP output of your opponent card. So you can destroy their cards while you building your digimon card from starter to mega digi card.

I would buy the packs if someone want to play together. It's quite fun system. Hoping for another color like Green deck for tentomon and palmon.

Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


This gams is basically the best even though you are F2P
Already progressed a lot from the start this game launch..

Ignore the people that say this game sucks..basically they are sucks harder lol

The gameplay is like your typical disney game in console where both battle system manually and rhythm. If you never play this kinda game, i guess you need time for adaption with this system. The gacha rate is so so for nowadays gacha game not good and not bad.
Anything else other than that, this game is great for me that only plays a couple of otome games. #nohomo

Well it's cygames after all what do i expect..
~Mostly all the characters you can get without gacha by farming some of their fragments except for event or limited characters..
~Of course many freebies cuz it's cygames and our Lord KMR..
~You need every character get to max level because it's not really depends on only some characters and that it's good for me tbh..
~The only downside.....your stamina is often need to be refill because there so many mode to do..

Until this point i don't think EN version is necessarily needed, it's easy to understand and straight forward also. Well maybe for the story but ehh google translate is your friend for every JP games anyway IF you don't understand anything Japanese that is.

Maid in Cafe ~Prologue~


Wait this isn't the real game yet right??
I mean you just read the story and such..

This is basically Princess Connect mk II, the UI and the power up, limit break, etc is literally the same lol [怪笑][怪笑]

Gothic wa Mahou Otome


Great game, i must say !!!
It's like air combat, just replaced airplane with girls.

Destiny Child | Global


Quite differ from JP..the good thing is the language barrier only [睡覺]

Murder Maiden


Know about ecchi game "Valkyrie Drive" ?The art style same as that game, quite refreshing tbh...

PETS Academia


Well this game i quite good tbh. The live 2D are applied to all girls that's the unique thing to have even though it doesn't have a story like Azur Lane. I don't know why many people bash this game like " i don't understand " well duhh this is a chinese game originally same like Azur Lane and about the " force closed " problem is just ur device just crap or not suitable for this game. For the binding ID for now i guess u have to ask the code on the top left home screen, don't click the red button, it will delete ur ID. I would say give it a try before bashing with idiot reasons that doesn't make sense to start with.

Do you guys an idiot??
This game already close their service since may 31th, 2018...if u can't read japanese never ever play japanese games again..

Azur Lane | Japanese


It's nice collecting ship waifu games..

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