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Disney Twisted Wonderland


everything's fine now. i love this game and malleyuu supremacy ily♡

Promise of Wizard


There's a little bug with this game in my phone, i can't exit the game so i have to force close it and everytime i do a "Mission" the animation just suddenly stop playing, can't do anything about it so force close is the only way again😭 since the game is still new, i'll let this slide for now. Hope Coly will do some maintenance in the future to fix this or maybe somebody has the same problem like me but got it fixed? please tell me how😭

although tap-tap game aka breeding(?) game is not my thing but i'll stick with this for the beautiful bois, great storyline and art.

A good game! It's easy to grind for crystals when there's a new event running, the gacha rate is.... depends on your luck? 😂 the gameplay is really fun, puzzle game can be played anytime and anywhere. The story is really superb and taking a different background than other otome games. If you can read japanese there are a lot of stories can be read including the boys main story for each character (although not all of them finished yet) at least you can read their mini story so it's worth to try! There are 26 boys with different personalities, so please enjoy the game >

If you're searching for a good gacha game with hot boys, maybe you need to give a try for this game! The scout isn't that bad, i have some friends who play this game too and got ssr card easily.

The event is planned nicely from the developer so you won't be bored waiting for one, you can get many gifts there too! like for increasing your card status even an ssr card that can be obtainable only in the event! It's worth it!

It's a rhytm game by the way so i'm looking forward to the song when i was playing this for the first time, and B-Pro is the only 2D idol group that i love very much. The song is superb and the characters is loveable, i love them so much♡

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