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The Game was Good and enjoyable so far, the Bad things are, there' so much Pay2Win Contents, and also, alot of Guess Players were using the Modded Client to play this Game. So sad....

V4 | Global


I have the same feeling like playing R12 Version of V4, so no further Review then. But honestly, i prefer playing R18 Version even still no English yet....

Just like the Other Version, so Perfect!! But this is not the Real Global Version since there's still have some Regions Blocked. Global Version was not suppose to have the Region Block, just like the Japanese Version did....

Castlevania Mobile for Nostalgia, so Awesome 😍😍😍😍😍

Naruto Online


Best Naruto Online RPG so far.... [開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]

Dark Avenger X


Another Loli Game after "FAITH", same Gameplay like DA3 and Darkness Rises but with the Manga Style. The Manga Portrait of the Dialogue Scene' still need more Improvement, and their Voices were Good. Maybe in the Future, Darkness Rises must have their Japanese Option to Switch. Because their English Dub Voices were so terrible Scary....



Maybe the English Version of AxE was already Released, but that was still no match for the Japanese Version "FAITH".

Global but need VPN, what the hell?! FAITH was still better Version and also does not need any VPN to play with. More worst is the Dubbing Voices really really terrible scary to heard while Playing, the Only Option to solve this Problem is you must add an Option to change the Voice. If not, i dunno about the future of this Game next...

Dragon Nest M | Japanese


The Character Voices wasn't as much as the Korean Version, what a mess?!

Sorry, Auto-Uninstalled already 👎👎👎👎👎

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Here's the Tips or Tricks if you want to Update it to the Latest Version but with Only cost Data of 205MB + 100MB, this is Only works if you Installed the Game already. All you just need to do is just Update it via Ingame, and you will know it only cost 205MB Data, let it Downloaded and Extracted to the Real size of 1,3GB APK. Normally it will Installing Automatically, but sometime got an Error suddenly. If you got that Error, you need to Install it Manually. You can find the Downloaded APK inside the Game's Data that located at :
Internal > Android > data > com.tencent.hyrzol > cache > Release > apk
Just Install it and then Open it, let it Download the Rest of 100MB Data and Done....
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