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Kairisen 13525628

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Nice game. I hope the TV Animation of the Higurashi next series will be nice too.

This game is very good. Whoever said that this game is just shit, can you ever make a game?

ZENONZARD | Japanese


This game is nice but I don't know how to play or mechanism of the game because I Can't read Japanese. For example: The enemy can attack me directly even I still have Monster Card on the field? or why I can't summon a monster card while the enemy had summon many

Pokémon Masters EX


I like it Thankyou Dena for release the Pokemon Game. I suggest add more feature like Raid Boss with Legendary Pokemon that'll be Awsome.[開心]

Graphicnya bagus, music ya bagus, Koreo 3Dnya bagus. Recommended buat vvibu yg nyari rythm game anti stiker goyang2.😁

After 100 days not get 5* Servant = Uninstall Game

Akanesasu Shojo


Play for fun. If you said this game not good, just play other game or make one game if you can.

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please add new song OST Mao to Shoukanju Everybody by DJ Koo & Motsu Read Note
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