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I love comic/webtoon, games, and holiday. I'll share my lucky pull/draw card here. (>ω<)
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I love comic/webtoon, games, and holiday. I'll share my lucky pull/draw card here. (>ω<)
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To be honest, some features such as auto and others that are not in the jp version make me more happy to play it. I'm quite satisfied because I can understand the storyline. [不滿]



I play this game from the first time the game got released. But until now, i just got 2 SSR, 1 from event and 1 from free gacha. I must be happy with some SR and other R cards. [難過]

Other than that, i think gameplay is good cz i can autoplay for a minute, sound always full voice, good storyline, and beautiful graphic. [開心]

Lord of Heroes


1. Graphic, sound, etc 👍👍👍

2. U can auto and just leave it for a long time [哇噻]

3. No character gacha, neat weapon gacha. Characters can be obtained by running the main story or buying. [無語]

4. For free-players, good luck fighting many times until ur phone overheats... [大哭]

Helios Rising Heroes


Good game, easy to play and can auto-play. Just gacha rate, that soooo~~~ [白眼] But it's okay... [耍帥]

Nice game. I really love MV video too, bcs i can watch my idols singing and dance wherever i am; in 3d mode. ^^

I stan Trickstar, Valkyrie, and Switch; plus Crazy-B and Alkaloid bcs I really like their musics too.

Easy play beat music, and u can auto play after play the song once. Some event can't make it auto play. After all, this game is so great, and i love all idols in here. Many various song theme u can find even though there are only two idol groups. [色色]



Good visual, simple game. But I can't connect to twitter or log back to my last account since I just move to other device.

All the characters is better. I like to play it bcs of simple play.

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