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Really love this game!
Can't wait for the anime in 2020



I honestly like this game. The character designs is great both 2d and 3d. The sound in this game is not good enough but it still fit with the game. The gacha drops is actually great if you pull it in the right time (since the game is recently released, the ssr and sr cards drop much). Unfortunately, the battles and gameplay in this game is truly bad. It just tapings and the rest is auto. But still like the scene animations thou. Hope they can add more features with the gameplay. The leveling up system is pretty much similar with dreaming! game. You can either level up in battles or you can use a coins. To evolve, you just need to raise up the love meters and grade up to raise the hero's stats. The story is not full voice but it still ok with me to play the game. Looking forward for the events and updates [微笑]

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This is a best rpg game i've ever play so far. I love all the features on this game. The story between the anime version and the game version, it's all great. The gameplay has a very unique style that make this game interesting and different from other rpgs. The characters (ACTs) is so variant with the 3d version that makes me want to collect all of them. This game become one of my favorite rpg game and definitely keep this game on my phone XD



Finally an idol game that have a simple gameplay and easy leveling up cards. I've played all kinds of game like this but none of them was really quite simple like this one. The characters are good, the design is cute, the sound and music is pretty good too (the BGM for the lesson is making me sleepy whenever I play it xD)
It's funny though that they using a "Dream" concept in this game, but I still like it.
Love the atmosphere, love the simpleness, love it all.

On Air!


It's a good game but unfortunately I uninstall the game cause whenever I read the story, the graphic always running low. Even though the lesson and battle is running fine, it still annoy me whenever I play. But maybe it's just my phone :'(
Hope they can fix that.

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