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Nguyen Huy Duc 13431296

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the game is good enough

game drain my phone battery too fast. but it is a good game

Tohst (Doujin Game)


eh. its just an easier version of puzzle and dragon. its japanese only so i can understand anything

Graffiti Smash | Japanese


yep. its a good game. manything to do. there is easy content for newbie and hardcore to oldbie too!

i dont know japanese so i have to "guest " alot when play this game.

i hope it have english so i can understand story..

its very good game. offline, rpg, action, random

Gothic wa Mahou Otome


damn. it loading forever, everything need alot of " download". dont play thía game if you care about your data

Princess Punt Sweets


wow. grindfest but still very good

Bakuretsu Monster


yep. its very good game. but control is a bit annoy. this game was built for " 1 finger " style as normaly colopl game, so it's extreme hard to move and hit at the same time. why it not made for normal play style: move pad on the left, action button( atk, skill. 1 23) on the right and can be played on landscape?

pve is easy in the beginning, but grow harder very fast. i just played for a few days but now i have to fight against 2 ai, sometimes it can combo nonstop me like a crazy(!).

its terrible hard with someone badluck. im got high luck here. lol

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the game is very good but its drop rate.
the main problem make us grind alot is almost all stat from item, not character.
and i have no way out of this stupid cycle at chap 3: too weak to farm at higher map because my stat is not enough( i have over 1500 atk, but takes 5 -7 hits to kill normal mob). my stats is not high enough because i can grind at high lv map!.
i have almost all yellow items( even pet) but chap 3 normal is still hard. just chap 3..
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