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Genshin Impact


This game has such beautiful graphic (even on low) and an open world setting (without auto pathing/battle). The battle feel smooth to me, altho it will be hard if u dont have/bring the correct unit. There's night-day cycle and weather (from what i've seen is rain). I love how they create many tales to make the world feel live in and alive. They make the town never feels empty by making some npc running around the field (i met a flower seller on field), and make use the day cycle (for ex. the couple at the hill and some barbara fanboy only appear at night). It really can be seen how much love put into this.
But, this game isnt very fitting for those busy ppl. Since it asked u to explore and open as many chests as u can to lvl up. Which some are well hidden and the world kinda big.
My problem is with the gacha, how to collect the gems after the events ended and u get all the things. Especially since u need to collect 1600 gems to do 10 pull (compare to Anoden this is more brutal)
Thats all..... i hope the dev let us to pet the doggos and cattos [賣萌][開心]

so..... imo, the dark road are more of a mini game or short of an idle game.......[可憐]

I love Pasta | Global


theres a problem with facebook account connect. I dunno if this is happened to everyone or not.

It's an ok game. Graphic are so-so, design are ok, but for me it's kinda a miss (it's not magical enough (more like some you find at PSO) and some of the costume designs are simply weird). Just your typical SE mobile game..... it had potential tho.

The combat aren't good. It's turned based and you can't go to mission or fight monster alone. If you're unfortunate you'll be teaming with people with internet connection problem or even simply afk, which slowed down your battle making you wait for them to passed their turn automatically.

The gacha rate for 4 stars are very low, and ten pull didn't give you chance to get 4 star (and there aren't any spesific gacha aimed for each jobs)

for some reason i felt this game was cursed.......
i dunno whats with them and the loading screen

Alchemia Story



The colorful stone are philosopher stone (PS) for gacha
And the bluish one are the alchemy stone (AS)(iirc, i think they change the name), for trading item at the mall

And here lies the problem.

well, the gacha change for the worst. Not by content, but by value. Now on, it's hard to get PS. The meaning to get stones only by grinding events (for now). I dunno what else players can do to get this free stones in the future. There is free 10 pull gacha, but it only around till the end of august, its unclear what will happened later. For the one this September, the free ten pull only last around 10 days before it completely gone. I dunno what happened, it may come back next month or may not at all. My heart bleeds for the newbies.

The daily and achievement reward change from PS to AS. The quantity are the problem. U can only get around 30 (iirc) AS from daily and achievement. It was bad because u need 6000 AS to exchange 1 armor or weapon ticket.

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so~~ I tried the healer chance up gacha, but instead of mariel i got toova.... and no healer at all
well then, I can only wait for the tarot reader and the black lady to show up later [大哭]
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