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Love me~ (◕ᴗ◕✿)
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Love me~ (◕ᴗ◕✿)
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Grand Summoners | Global


It best multiplayer CO-OP 4player game!
In game you must make team with 4unit But! you can't solo almost all of hard event or any stage that for high level player YOU NEED TEAM! you need to team up with other 3 player and fight together in real time!

Gacha rate is good it not hard to get good unit and good gear. If you want to team up for clear stage by join other player team you must see room name that tell you what unit or gear they want to team up with. If your unit not match they will kick you because they will be lose from f*king stage difficulty that why they always need to team with best unit.

And the important is game always collaboration with anime every 2month or more cause game is LC by Chrunchyroll.

Ehh..... It funny and easy gameplay but gacha rate is very bad it's 1.2%SSR If you are one punch man fan maybe it good for you [無語]

Azur Lane | Japanese


Make your harem and play a lots of event. NICE gacha rate. Easy to play and easy to farm. Fast growth everyone can have fun. AND IT HAVE A TON OF COSTUME! (LIVE 2D)



This game is VERY FUN. It is Metal slug BUT GACHA AND WAIFU. Why you not trying to get some WAIFU from Metal Slug Hmmm??? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LET'T GO!

Onmyoji | English


Game play is very well ! Graphics is Heian Style very cool for everyone who love japan. Storyline is easy to understand and most interesting is GACHA AND SKIN THAT WILL BURN YOUR POCKET ! ! !

Dragon Raja | SEA


Nothing interest but graphics is great. All npc have character voice and a lots of CG of story , npc , cut scene , etc nothing interesting to purches

It always update and collap with something. I love it[色色]

Cytus II


Excellent ! [開心] It is one of my best rhythm game !

It beta version but still good (I can't read japan[大哭]) i like game play and music and easy to play (at least easier than Cytus II) I can't wait to play full version[開心]

This game is VERY FUN cause i love fate series too [色色] No auto mode it make for ppl that love fate series from bottom of your heart !

This game is fun and easy to play [賣萌] All music is Original and Cover music from 6 girl band !

Touhou Cannonball


Really love graphic and gameplay [開心]

Arknights | English


It my best ever Tower Defend game! Gacha is not bad it high rate to get good unit !

Nothing interesting here ~

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