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Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Out of all the gacha games ive played this one is the most fun and rewarding i played.
The game sports amazing graphics with spark character designs, the storyline can be abit mundane at first but once you get to know the characters the story gears up and there can be some emotional moments. In terms of gameplay its the best action combat you will ever see in a mobile game, thanks to being alot of different types of the characters you can do alot of combos with, diferent kind of weapons with special properties like freeze or diferent gears that let you create an aura around you that slows the enemies inside it for example.

I wont lie it can be abit grindy (alot of games are) but ive never felt pressured into buying in the store for gacha characters, i can actually work for something ingame and get it. The company also is very generous in every update there are events for free items,gear or costumes

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