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F2p btw
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HoneyWorks Premium Live


Since everybody is giving already more than enough reviews,I'll be posting about beginner's guide here.
Be sure to use x3 stamina until u hit around 500k fan counts,x2 until 1M & then x1 after that.Using multiple stam at once only affects character exp,exp mats & event points & not fan counts & song exp.Thats why using 3x stam in early game(0-1M) is efficient cuz u have to raise ur team power while in mid(1-10M)/late game(10M+),u have to grind fan counts & song ranks.Don't forget to buy evolution mats from trade shop every month since they take too much time to grind.Lvl ur team members equally until they hit max lvls.Each fan count milestone(except 2.55M) gives 7stamina.U can watch one commercial movie per four hours or 100 gems for 7stamina.Max stamina is base 7+99 so 106.Each stamina takes 30mins to naturally refill.Cake slice gives 1 stam while whole cake gives 7.Be sure to save them until u hit 10M fan counts cuz stamina is quite hard to get after that.Event bonus cards from new banners r pretty good even after current event so be sure to invest a lot in them.There r song ranking system which gives a huge amount of gems,tons of rare evo mats & song missions which gives a huge amount of song exp,decent amount of gems,tons of common/uncommon evo mats that involves FC,AP,clearing certain amounts,using specific honey lights & hash tags.U gain song exp everytime u play a songs.U have to rank up all the songs up to green1(250k exp) first because talks which gives a decent amount of gems,r tied to it.After that,u can start grinding specific songs (250k common/500k uncommon/1M rare) to max out ur main honey lights.That's all,folks.Comment me down below if u need any help or wanna correct me or add new info.

SINoALICE | Global


Gameplay is kinda fun.Story is very dark but I like it a lot.Sound is pretty good.Rerolling takes a ton of hours to get decent account and so on.Overall a great game to kill time.



This game is quite fun to play.Also rerolling is pretty ez to do.Gacha rates r pretty decent at 4%.The missions give out tons of crystals.There r a tons of free pull tickets as well.Also one free pull per day until July 29th.U still have bad luck even with them?No need to worry.In this game,u can upgrade every characters(R-SSR) up to UR,after a hell ton of grinding obviously.There r only a few powercreeps called Astacia & Merry.That doesn't mean others r shit compared to them.Since this game is still new & not many SSRs r released yet,even SRs & Rs r very good at late game if u lvl them all up to SSRs & URs of course.Main character called Ain is broken as well.He has the highest attack power in the whole game & pretty f2p friendly.Getting dupes is not important unless u r a whale & wants ur characters to have max potential.Combat system is pretty fun with 5skills(1 more from emblems).Story is decent.Art is quite good.
Animation feels kinda lacking sometimes but not really that significant.Elderark is overall a good game to try playing at least once.Thanks for all ur attention.

This rerolling simulator is a good way to waste time... Jokes aside,I prefer this game way more than llsif since I don't have enough rhythm skills to FC every single songs there.In llsifas,all u need to do is just play a song once,after that let auto play does its job throughout the grind hell.For newbies,this game might be quite challenging.That's where rerolling helps a lot.I'mma write a reroll guide for those who dunno how to reroll since I have a lotta free time rn.To reroll,aside from downloading initial 1GB,YOU ABSOLUTELY DON'T NEED TO REINSTALL IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID PHONE(except for ios users).
File Manager>Android>Data.Find and rename to setting>manage apps>Lovelive Allstars>Clear All Data.Go to renamed folder>files.Delete every file extensions except three folders at the top.Go to files.Delete every file extensions except folders named pkg n tmp.Rename file back to original( can now start a new account.To efficiently reroll,I recommend clearing chapter1 n read the whole all star tips section,with that u can pull about 20(1006 stars iirc).Btw,u can skip the first three songs during tutorial since u can grind those 30stars after getting a good account.Depending on ur wifi/phone's performance,it will take around 20-45mins to reroll once.There r a total of 19URs(Still no nijigasaki URs)currently.If u want llisfas to be ez mode,be sure to include at least a kanan or ruby UR(getting both is the best possible reroll account but takes too much time)in ur rerolls.Other URs seems pitiful compared to those two.Depending on ur luck,u might get 1-5URs or ONLY SRs from a single reroll account.At the end of the day,it's u who is gonna play so just play those lucky accounts if u don't care about meta n too tired of rerolling.HAVE FUN REROLLING LIKE A MADMAN[怪笑]

Monster Hunter Riders



Basically honkai impact with less characters but LESS DOWNLOADLE DATA with just around 500MBs.Seems quite generous with gacha tickets,u can get em easily with just daily logins.The rates seems quite average with UR being highest 3% but there's two banners,for supporters n weapons.The combo meshing system is quite fun as well(not to mention evade combos)Overall fun game to waste time.

Great game for killing time[怪笑]


Damn,I NEED MOAR XTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![大哭][大哭]

Diz game deserves 5* ratin', gimme more jewelz instead so I can pull 100x soon[開心][開心]

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GameCrashed on some android 10 If u have encountered the same problem as me,download nox android 9 beta on its official website.Then download danmaku on there.As for keymapping:sdf,space,jkl.U don't really hafta worry about swipes,holds since the game is pretty lax with those except for blue notes where u hafta hit both start notes and end notes on time.Greens r fine as long as u hit initial notes.Rerolling on pc is way easier than phone due to multi-instances.U can also just delete ur guest acc data under main menu>account settings>delete account data(the button besides bind account). Read Note
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