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Pokemon Unite


I play this on my Nintendo Switch. It is a decent MOBA game.
Playerbase is mediocre as there are some pro players defeating everyone and some bots making the team lose...
Customisation is good because there are lots of unique clothes!
There are lots of problem but other people discuss them.
Generally its a good game



this the best game ever!!!![色色][色色][色色][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]
i like the OOF sound its even a meme

Edit in 2022 (im still here) : OOF sound is removed! Im sad now. I know it was copyright
the platform is not as good as a few years ago..

Pastel Girl


just the best dress up game



i saw this series on Netflix
I did not play this much but i like Tower Defense game so it was fun in its time

Edit in 2022: its very funny and yes i can watch it on other online site


SuperStar BTS | Korean


💜💜💜💜 its a good game! i think they should add RM's other mixtape, Mono. there's a glitch where i cant play a song and that is... erm...cypher pt. 2 typrich suga. when i put it it on, tit goes back to the home screen then yeah

[大哭] I'll miss this game. it had rly cute animations. 💜💜💜BTS's Love Yourself 'Her' was released the same date this was released💜💜💜

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imma post it tomorrow... or maybe NOT "tomorrow"... I DID IT: 22/2/19 Read Note
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