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Kamen Rider: City Wars


i need battle royale or mmorpg not simulation [微笑]

alice [色色]

need free move for character servant like battle royal openworld [害羞]

Sword art online has a best graphic, and sound of chara is so cute can make all of player laughing alone. The gameplay is MMORPG so to raise the high level you must farming so hard, and this game have a minus when you farming with party sometimes lag or stuck, we can't see another party not full open world & after level 50 EXP so hard to collect. Storyline is okay with the anime but player will say why alfheim online included on floor 3 ?
the skill card so amazing to gacha if you lucky you won't got ★4 😂
This game making my phone battery draining so fast so if you want to play this game you must have a gaming phone with monster battery and gpu minimum adreno 320.

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bedanya global sama yang versi korea jp apa sih? kok ga paham aku [無語] Read Note
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