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great ending. i think its better that his girlfriend regret in the end.

hahaha great the graphics can mmax now lol

lol if you play this well definitely hooked in gameplay I don't understand the story but promise you will will enjoy. the game play side srolling in some area but the combat common Japanese RPG but it's not auto it's so many features in combat also in combat menu English option so you will understand what your going to use, the graphics it cool, gacha game lol. ~\(≧▽≦)/~

there's any hidden class? lol.
no class character (○゚ε゚○)

ZENONZARD | Japanese


this game its fun to play but i dont understand the game role thought iam just following my AI guide i always win i made 8 wins without defeat. the game took so long but its fun hahah . it would be great
to play this English version many people will love this. thanks for great pls. keep working hard

lol my phone can't run this game

hhmmm it's great

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