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I like gacha games and Husbando's.
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I like gacha games and Husbando's.
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I've played for more than 2 hours now so here's my early impression review:

Story and Characters:
The main story is fully voiced. I can't fully read japanese tho so I can't comment on it but AAside's story was good so I assume it will be the same here. Also all of the boys are good looking and have interesting personalities so you'll eventually find someone that you'll like.

Argonavis Project's music are always bangers so no need to say more(if you don't believe me go give them a listen), the bgm in the main story is good too. Something unique in this game is we have different versions of each song like a demo version of them so you'll get to hear START LINE song get sung by other argo characters which is pretty cool.

UI and Live2D models:
The UI is really clean and I like it, it's easy to understand too since it has some english text on them so navigating menu's won't be difficult. The Live2D models are beautiful but I think they need a bit more polish and diversed expression/movements for the characters since they're lacking a bit.

This game is NOT a rhythm game like AAside was, instead this is a Raising sim and it works pretty similar to games like Uma Musume, Im@s Shiny Colors, Blue Lock PWC and even Mahoyaku so if you've played one of these games before you should be able to adapt pretty well imo.

Basically you will produce characters a lot inorder to use them in FES. You'll train your characters over and over to get better and better stats so you'll win more in the Fes mode which is the pvp in this game.

PS. Sorry if I confused you even more, I'm not really good at explaining things lol

Card artwork:
Honestly the initial cards looks pretty average to me but I'm hoping as time goes on the quality will improve. The Festival Kimono cards for Nayuta and Fuuta looked great tho. Also there's no untrained/trained artwork here like AAside, the card art here is more similar to Mahoyaku's card style.

Gacha rates:
3% SSR, 12% SR, 85% R with guaranteed SR card for every 10 pull, 300 gems needed for 1 pull and 3000 for 10 pull, also have 200 pulls spark/pity system.

TLDR; If you like the franchise and it's characters or raising sims in general then you should give the game a chance, it might take a while to get used to due to the changed gameplay type from AAside and the language barrier but once you do the game is honestly pretty fun BUT if you're looking for a rhythm game then you should look elsewhere since this is not a rhythm game.

The Tale of Food | Global


good game

The text font definitely needs a change, and the localization translations definitely needs more improvements but otherwise this is a solid game.

Wind Boys!


TLDR; This is a training/simulation game like A3!, La Corda, and Enstars Basic and if don't understand japanese or if you don't like training games it's better to not play this or else you might get bored playing it.


Okay, let's get started. So I've played this game for over 5 hours now and my experience with it is pretty great so far-

The card artwork is very pretty and clean. The art style is pretty and soft too, it feels like enstars artstyle. All of the boys are cute and handsome. Sadly they don't have any Live2D models here but even the static 2D art is great as well.

Sadly i can't understand japanese so i won't rate it, but the main story is fully voiced. You can also choose your MC gender in this game which is pretty cool. The BGM's in this game is really good too btw! Specially the home lobby bgm it's so relaxing and I love it.

Okay so, rerolling in this game isn't hard, at the start you can choose whether to do story then gacha or gacha then story. In the tutorial summon they let you reroll until you are satisfied and you are guaranteed 2 SSR every roll. They also give additional 2 SSR from the pre-registration reward and clearing the beginner mission! A total of 4 SSR for free right off the bat!

For the Gacha rates, It's SSR= 5%, SR=20% and R=75%. It cost 350 to do a single summon, while 3500 for a multi summon. From what i can see they dont have sparking system/ceiling just yet so getting your favorite boy might be harder on events unless you get lucky of course. Also inorder to Bloom/Idolize a card you will be needing (1) dupe just like in A3! or you can use memory pieces (you can only get memory pieces in the gacha afaik).

This is a training/simulation game like A3!, Enstars Basic, La Corda starlight orchestra and NOT A RHYTHM GAME. Basically the game will just play itself and some items will drop that you can use to strengthen your cards. The chibi characters in the gameplay part is really cute and they do different club activities while training so it isn't that boring visually like A3! imo but it gets repetitive fast. This gameplay isnt for everyone of course but if you like laid-back and chill gameplay then you might like this game.

OVERALL- If you like training games, story focused games, and cute and handsome boys that use wind instruments then you will definitely enjoy this game! 😄

So i played this game for over an hour now. It's a fun simple game, it's a bit disappointing that the matches aren't controllable though but what do we expect it's a joseimuke game (games targeted at women) so it's definitely gonna be easy and simple.

It has two gameplay modes, the futsal matches and the member training/practice.

In the Futsal Matches, it's automated, basically you dont control how your boys movement, pass or shoot the ball. Their performance in the match depends on how strong their cards is. In the middle of the match you can choose which skill you want to use and then inorder to perform it well there will be a mini rhythm game that will pop up. It's a two button rhythm game and you will press both of them at the same time.

In the Training/Practice mode, It's basically like Enstars Basic, WAVE!!, or any other games with simulation gameplay. You choose 5 boys and they will train in various training grounds in chibi form, after you complete it you will get items/materials that you will use to strengthen your cards.

When you start the game they will give you 800 gems enough to do 1 multi pull summon. The rates are 3% for the 4*, 17% for the 3* and 80% for the 2*. Sadly they dont have any sparking system (yet) so getting your fave boy will be harder to get unless the gacha gods loves you. It also has a Friend point system and you can get 3*s there. Rerolling isnt easy here since theres no reroll button.

The game is also huge about 3GB in total, I'm guessing it's because of the 3D models used in matches but who knows.

Sadly since i can't understand japanese i wont be giving any comment on this one but the main story is fully voiced and they also have Live2D.

The game has 31 characters if im not mistaken and there are a total of 5 groups. Design wise i really like Kaito so far.

The card artwork quality is average. It's not that bad but it's not amazing either. I dont think this game has a lot of budget so I'm really fine with the art quality it has right now. Maybe in the future it will be better.

Sadly from what i researched, all the seiyuu casts in this game are newbies or not well known. It's unfortunate because it just means this game won't be popular quickly unless they pour tons of marketing for this game which I doubt bandai will do if they didnt even bother hiring popular VAs.

OVERALL- It's a nice game if you just want to pass time or if you like the boys' character designs. I dont think this game will last more than 6 months though. If it does then it's a miracle. But so far I'm having fun watching the boys pass and shoot the ball~ 🤣

So I've been playing this game for almost 2 months now and has been constantly in Top 500 rankings. So I'll give here my thoughts about the game:

• Graphics & Characters
The cards are beautiful specially when you limit break them. The boys here are really cute and handsome, so far i really like Noah and Ethan's personality. The voice actors are great too.

• Gameplay
It's a turn based board game but it's really casual since the enemies are very easy to defeat once you leveled up your teams enough.

• Farming/Grinding
It's not very easy to farm materials here for constellations and skill books, and its not easy to level up your cards. Gold depletes very fast too. Everything takes time here.

• Gems income (the ingame currency)
Let's see... In point events you can get 1.5k gems total, you can get more if you participate in the rankings and maxing the event SR. While drop events doesnt give gems it gives a SR card, maxing the SR cards will net you 300 gems. Completing Daily+Weekly mission will net you 640 gems per week. I guess overall you can do 2 multi pulls per month.

• Gacha rates
The gacha rates for the normal banner is 1.5% for the SSR. I recommend don't ever pull on this one. While event banner rates are 3% with the event cards on rate up. Only roll in event banners because of boosted +1.5% rates. Also the game doesn't have a guaranteed SR and above per 10 pull system so you might get an all R pulls and it really sucks, they do have a mileage system tho, after doing 50 pulls you can exchange it for a random SSR ticket.

Final opinion: It's a great game to pass time on. I recommend trying it out if you like cute husbando's and kinda dark backstories!

Pokémon Masters EX


It's a decent gacha game but the in-game rewards needs a buff or the amount needed to do a gacha needs to be nerfed. Would be nice if there's a guarantee 4* and above when doing a tenfold aswell. 7% is nice and all but it's too hard to farm gems atm it will take you until you finished the whole game for you to do your first multi. I hope this will be changed when the game is officially launched.

If you like Pokemon then you should definitely try this game out. It's very F2P friendly since you can beat the story mode without pulling anything in the gacha.

Night Zero: Mistiltein


Looks like a nice game. gacha rate is alright I guess, 1.5% for SSR. also combat is kinda similar to brown dust but I might say that the character designs here are much more likeable for me. I think I'll try it out for a while.

Btw which SSR is best to pick on the first selective summon? also on the second?

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S ranks is real but they're hard to get 🥹
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