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Shared from QooApp: Read Note 2020 Otaku Gamer Census As we begin to ascend the steps to the third decade of the 21st century, we look back to see that the 3D world has gone through many changes. Fortunately, we all still have a place in the 2D world where we can get together and share all the things we love. A place where we can come together to share all that we love in the 2D world, like a secret base just for otaku all over the world. That is what Mr. Qoo and the QooApp family hopes to create for you with QooApp. To do that, we need your help. Tell us your dreams, your desires, and all the things you look forward to so we can push QooApp to become the perfect secret base that everyone can share as fellow otaku comrades! The theme of this year's census goes back to our roots of "Games" and who better to ask than all you game-loving residences of the 2D world! In the future, Mr. Qoo will continue to work hard and create more portals to different games in the world for our OtaQoos to explore. ———————————Speak out for Your Love——————————— The "2020 Otaku Gamer Census" will run for a duration of four weeks starting 15th January 2020 until 12th February 2020. It takes only five to ten minutes to finish this questionnaire. Please answer seriously, as your opinion is a determining factor in how this free world will be. All Otaku and the like are welcome to participate! Note: - QooApp will reveal an interim report during the 2020 Taipei Game Show (6th February - 9th February) which will reveal the results of some of the collected answers. - We will not reveal your personal data. - Inquiry and suggestion can be submitted via email:
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