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noob artist and otaku, dats all. Pixiv : Neppuru
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noob artist and otaku, dats all. Pixiv : Neppuru
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Eshigami no Kizuna


VIP, fragments gacha... why they making this kind chinese game system i wonder? (also kinda like usual R18 games would do)

its "just" good, but the fragment to get the "first time" character is kill the mood.

lmao my fav sensei(artist) is in this game, but the gacha still disappointed [發困]

Priconne feeling all the way, but turn base.

sadly must use vpn [發困]

if only Bandai doesnt have register restrictions for bind the account

much bugs and stuck error since 800mb update

Disgaea RPG


but need to use VPN ( ; - ;)

if the event not gonna be like fgo where need to cleared the latest, longest chapter to participate im gonna love this game forever

Gene oppai

Tales of Erin | Japanese


the game need update

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