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I love this game but has trouble booting up while im at work or anywhere. i have to be on wifi for it to work. Why is that? And the rates should be a little better. I get they wanna make money but shooting over and over and never getting the card u want is annoying.

I changed my rating and comment because my problem was fixed a while ago. The only thing I need help with is buying those stones for the game. I love the game, I wanna support them, and better characters.

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Love the game but... I love the game but 2 big issues....1. why cant I play the game on my phone with 4g data. i have tried to boot it up at work and it wont even try to load. 2. I just wish the rates were a little better or get rid of the cards we dont use. If those get fixed, im cool with that and ill fix my comment Read Note
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