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this game is about luck, luck & luck.. 👍 i like this..

Monster Strike | Japanese


Please, Bring the english version again.. happy birthday qoo.. please it's will be help for everyone, who can just known an english language.. please qoo

absolutely 5stars for this game.. nice Graphics and storyline. . much free gacha and free diamond..

still playing and love this game so. 🥰[色色]

very smooth [色色]


this game is really great, but they need to fix about the language and the connection problem.. please fix it. i like this game [可憐]

its preety easy to play

Jumputi Heroes


Please please please... add english language..
there will be help any player

hello BDO.. please add English Language.. or USA.. this will be help any others player.. to play more easy.. thx CS

i love it forever

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maintenance ?? i can login about two hours ago.. but i want to login again now, and this screen is still right that.. my connection its ok.. why? please if u do a maintenance, notice to the player.. [汗顏] Read Note
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