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the events are too hard and i hate myself for not getting any card in the last event :(



imo ichiro and dice are the best rappers. ichiro is like the professional rapper, dice is the kpop lead rapper, and the rest just talk fast or just talk in general plus rhymes.

edit : UI is crappy and it has ghetto vibes.

i relate with kenju aizen from some parts.



this game is similar to tenka hyakken and touken ranbu ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ the gameplay, the mixed gacha, the animation, the unskippable story, the fact that you have to change the character in the background because your leader wouldnt just become your secretary is really similar to tenka hyakken. but on the other side how you fight monsters in each map, dont get to move freely, and how it feels like is yeah really really giving you the feels. but at the same time i dont think that you could just stan it properly since this is based of a religion and doing that makes you seem ignorrant _(√ ζ ε:)_

how do you get brahmā (bonten) tho i seem to be unable to get him lol.

WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO OWN A SHRILL VOICE? like i love my deep voiced girls skdhkfkdhdjdk

Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


whats good about it :
- the gameplay is awesome, _(:3 」∠ )_
- the girls are cuteeeeee (/ □ \)
- they have amazing personalities
- i like the design
- i like the opening song
- they update a lot even in the site they have unreleased girls that i probably would like

whats crappy :
- the gender pronounce is not unisex, some of the girls call us brother? like im a girl hello?
- the sounds are quite fine but the sword rubbing is not a good idea. like what?
- the gacha's low rate of getting the swords, yes i might get URs or something but yeah they arent what i want. _(:3 」∠ )_
- the storyline is too focused on the three starters, yes i love them but it is way to centered and i hate having to go through their uninteresting stories.
- the animation in this game sexualized the girls, like when they talk their chest will start to wiggle and it irritates me a lot.
- downloading data takes too long.

i really like uguisumaru tomonari shes really pretty oh god. _(°ω°」 ∠) queen ugu

this game is :

not an otome game
why? because they have their own life and only uses you as a commander because you are their commander. the government is watching. the only guy who would probably fell head over heels for you is just heshikiri hasebe and kikkou sadamune (thanks for correcting me lol)

not like the anime
why? yes i recommend you to play the game if you enjoy the anime and only watching the anime is something stupid but dont expect them to be as dependent as they are in the anime. they will not say master here master there because the game has its own plot which goes with 77 swords which are stuck with you to protect history. they have their own life and only uses you as a commander because you are their commander. they arent as dependent as they are in hanamaru. in hanamaru they will greet you each morning and say that they love you but the truth is they are independent human beings. not all people wants to mingle with eachother.

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when youre forced to live the Y/N life and flirt with everyone in B PROJECT but all you wanna do is be a decent manager. Read Note
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