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Idoly Pride | English


The game itself is great, idoly pride is a wellbuilt idol management game. If you've tried nikke before some of the gameplay loop is similar (i.e. there are idle mechanics in place of spending stamina to clear your missions). i think it's pretty engaging as someone who's looked at like no guides [開心]
The translation is pretty meh though... [汗顏] A lot of lines were translated out of context and with no proofreading. You can generally get the meaning of the badly translated parts of the game but sometimes it's impossible. it's kinda sad the game released in this state because the actual content is very highquality. You can still enjoy it and I think the game gives you a very fair amount of currency/rewards/cards. Very easy to reroll also. shizuku my beloved

anyway ... based on reviews of the taiwan server just released by neowiz the translation is bad there too (machine translated levels of bad). i wonder why neowiz is being so irresponsible, are they known for this...? the english social media's also pretty low quality in this regard
at the same time originally boltrend was going to handle this and they vanished when release dates came (in my experience also their translations can have these issues too). so they were probably in management hell which is obviously terrible for a live service game. Guess we'll never know what happened ┐⁠(⁠‘⁠~⁠`⁠;⁠)⁠┌

This is a companion app for Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage; to get the most out of it, you'll need to link your account by clicking on the derespot icon in deresute's options. There's a sound booth, 3D commus that you can view with VR (VR not required, though), and a VR-friendly version of deresute's photo studio. When you link your deresute account, you can use everything you've obtained in that game to use in the photo studio here.

It's quite cute and the 3D commus are nice! So far there's only one, but it's well animated and cute to watch.
The sound booth is nice because it gives people an official way to listen to deresute's BGM, as well as a select few idol songs (mainly the april fool's event songs and onegai! cinderella, as of launch.) The photo studio is a little annoying to navigate but it's not *missing* features from deresute's, and you can use this version with VR/Google Cardboard.

Overall, it's good, but useless if you don't have deresute already downloaded.

This game is really good - the beatmaps are fun, models are nice, and the songlist is great. However, it is fairly different from the chinese version (Diva Destiny).
The highprofile voice actors in the Chinese vers (like Maaya Uchida for Chloe) have been replaced with lower budget ones - I assume this is so they can have character songs that are actually sung by the characters, or some licensing issues. As well, the song list is vastly different, but (imo) usually the JP vers is better than the CN vers. (most seem to disagree with me tho! lol) Also there's paid-only songs which is kind of shitty...idk if that's in the CN version.
Honestly, if you can't read either version (or can read both), I'd try both Memories of Link and Diva Destiny, and see which one you like more! They're both pretty high quality. Personally I'm gonna stick with the JP vers despite the drawbacks just because I can read it a lot better lol

It's a female-audience rhythm game, and like all the others the gameplay is a bit subpar/simple compared to anything made for male audiences (such as the iDOLM@STER mobile games, bandori, llsif, ect.) I think it's a few steps above something like SideM LOS, but it's still not as good as it could be gameplay-wise, and it's disappointing seeing this happen over and over again for otome games. It's like they don't think their audience is capable of enjoying difficult beatmaps.

The 3D models and art look great (in my opinion), and the main story is fully voiced (it seems like card stories are not, but i'm not sure on anything else). Choreography is nice and you can unlock extra outfits for your boys! There's also a pretty diverse music selection, but there's only about 7 songs right now and idk how quickly they'll add more :/

I think it's worth trying but I have no idea if I'll personally stick to it.



i like this game a lot, the characters are nice, the art is good, and i do like the well, every card seems to have a unique 2d animated skill cutscene, which are really well done!

but it takes up waaay too much space if you select the full download (almost 3gb!) and the gameplay is kind of boring. the main and character stories are also not fully voiced, but all interaction stories (? idk what you'd call them, the sections where you pet the girls), home screen lines, ect are voiced. this isn't a turnoff for *everyone*, but it's worth noting nonetheless!

if you want a better RPG with animal girls that doesn't take up an absurd amount of space for a mobage, wait for the kemono friends 3 game being made by SEGA or play alternative girls. this is still worth it tho, gonna keep playing on emulator

(also, i had pretty bad connection issues the night i chose to download it, but by next morning it was fine. unsure if connection will still be spotty for those outside of japan)



its pop team epic so it's mostly a gag game (although a lot more playable than takeshobo quest.) lots of good stuff for fans but it's a tad boring gameplay-wise! autoplay with skills you can use sometimes if you want to

personally im curious if they'll add events in the longterm....

please be wary. may want to stick to the normal stages instead of the nightmare stage

Diva Destiny | Chinese


it isn't that bad! sure, games like the idolmaster mobile games are definitely higher quality...but the song list here is good, the models look nice, and the dances are well done. if you can get over the slight amount of "jank" that comes with chinese releases similar to this one, and you like the songs, i'd definitely try it. also, my PVP/MP experiences have been pretty smooth, only a few hiccups. my internet is horrible and im not in china so idk how but _(:3 」∠ )_

personally im very excited for the JP version so hopefully it will be slightly less p2w as many people have said

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