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gamer who love japan game
eiden cornelius 13015071

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gamer who love japan game
Game Comments (3)

simple gameplay for spending free time, recomended for waifu hunter[不滿]

a nice game with interesting story

a nice game, but i can't review many thing about this game yet because it still a new game

i can't read japanese word but i used screen translator app to help me understand it [怪笑]

this game as long as it fully voiced story is okay (because that what i need to understand and enjoyed the story)

about the chara power maybe need wait till fully growth to max status to look and understand diference power between ssr - sr - r chara.

the battle system is simple all character attack automatic execept for special skill that can be activated manually

for farming material you can skip whitout ticket, for farming equipment i still didn't found it have skip system or not [睡覺] and at arena you can skip to battle result with most left button near speed button (this system really save my time[色色])

so in the end to know is this game good or not to try it because this only my opinion [微笑]

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kyaru party almost complete just need one more Read Note
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