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My fav is otome games! There's many interesting otome game from Chinese mainland lately
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My fav is otome games! There's many interesting otome game from Chinese mainland lately
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well I playing this. can login with gmail and fb acc.
the game was nice, I like the cafe things and we make coffe and cakes in there there's mission with cake n drinks things too. The cafe n cakes is cute the chibis cute. I like it

the minus is, the rate gacha kinda bad, first play you will give 30pull for started (you must play some story first than the dev will give in mail)
and the exp for the card is so bad. I mean you do mission order over n over but only can get 1 or 2 levels and the exp is so little.
the order quest goes from low cost to high cost. and really, for more high you must have more than 1k point but to make that you must do exp over n over its make me bad (for 4 days I can't continue to do order because lack level got me blocked)
you cant' just leveling one card because in order to have high level points, sometimes in the orders need specific preferred male card so its so difficult.

I think this game maybe for the p2p player

The Tale of Food | Global



it's almost the same with Chinese ver,but without free ssr mission and permanen event ssr boys system (Chinese ver you can get event boys permanent after some period time)
Btw food ver for jp specialist is not in permanent too...
this is just make me sad 😔😔
the good thing is maybe the seiyuu...?🤔
ah forgot to tell some boys in Chinese ver event don't show up in here too.. (like jiangshi duck and mengpo event)

if you want for complete boys and more easy to get the boys (especially not from gacha) you can play Chinese ver. if you like jp seiyuu then this is for you..

Sumikkogurashi Farm



Maybe | English


hey, there's no login bonus anymore I don't know what's wrong.. this app it's like... only for money people..
forgive my english😅

Dragon Raja | Global


Woaaaaa!! finally..!!!!!!!! [開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]

still same with Chinese version,really bad in gacha[不滿][不滿][不滿]

good game but the gacha is suck.. I think gacha rate is the same with FGO [發困][發困][發困][發困]

really really nice game,the grafic and system,the weather and day night system so cool omg..hoping for release this game in another version. English version or Japanese version it's ok for me [開心][開心][哇噻]

All good except gacha.. U need really big big big luck to get *5

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I play this game there's JP language ver of this game in apkpure if you want and it still active until now, you can search the game,the name is æ°´éƒ½ç™¾æ™¯éŒ²
we build city in ancient Chinese vibe and I like it so much.
pretty idle for me,the gacha is pretty good, as f2p this game is so ok for me.
there's goggle,fb and Twitter login
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