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Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


Played it in the past, but dropped it when it started to get boring. They've made it a much more lively game nowadays.

Pokemon Home


A superb asset for any pokemon player.

A great way to play discord based pokemon catching games. I miss less of my hunted pokemon from being @ed and having my phone on hand when I can't be near a desktop.

Kemono Friends:Kingdom


An interesting game. Kinda like a different version of angry birds.

A good game with interesting storylines unique to the game. Dropped it once due to size and devided to pick it up again on BlueStacks. Having some crashing issues.

KleptoCats 2


A cute little idle game to pass the time.

It was a nice game until I started getting an error code when logging in that I couldn't seem to fix.

I really enjoy this game. I play it on NOX instead of my phone since I don't have the space on my phone. The reason I'm not giving it a perfect review is the annoyance from conection issues that typically occurs. It makes playing events a bit more tedious.

Google Translate


The recent unit really was a game changer. No other unit can compare. They have a 100% clear rate currently and this will probably be true for all content to come.

Why didn't they make this global anniversary very hype? I know that they'll make the JP anniversary the most hyped thing out there, but I at least had some hope for global's. The rewards feel pretty much like any normal event.

My Hero Academia


It is an okay game.



Love the game. Long running player. Sad to see it all coming to an end.

Update: Still missing it quite a lot.

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