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It's good but not that great. Typical waifu gacha but surprisingly doesn't take up a lot of space like most waifu gachas. 580 MB for the whole game. Might take more depending if they add more features.

Dead or Alive Mobile


lmfao. New update and my account is gone. Literally.

I had a level 17 account with Hayato and it's not there anymore.

Please pick up the trash and redo the game.

EDIT: The three servers has a level 1 account that I DID NOT create.

Fire the person(s) who did the update and fix their mistake. I am not playing the f***ing tutorial again.

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All of you are thirsty for f's sake.
They promised it would come out in 2020 but no month was confirmed. Stop acting like 9 year old kids. 
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