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I really enjoy soul seeker six knights it's just like the original soul seeker by (come to us gaming) But with a twist add on characters can tag in and during battle you can press on a enemies logo and attack them directly. You may also move your characters around but they do auto fight auto play is available as well overall great gameplay spot on controls and graphics in my opinion this game Soul Seeker is worthy of being played.. #english #qoo #soulseeker

Soul Reverse Zero


I love this turn based action filled RPG! one of the best ever soul reverse zero is on its way to becoming epic give it a try if you haven't you will not be disappointed.. And by the way their is no Excuse for language barriers I learned how to play all Qoo app games via Google translate..[哇噻][色色]

Love this game big fan official game play and graphics I learned how to play all Qoo games via Google translate..

Force's close and keeps playing the title screen over and over where is the display that tells you it's downloading 200mb?

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uninstall then reinstall the game add your account enjoying play. If you're experiencing problems! Overall great game.. Read Note
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