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Just another recluse
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Just another recluse
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giving it a try but can't seem to actually enter the game...

I guess its good enough

Path to Nowhere


Personally, I'd say this is actually a very amazing underrated game.

1. The graphic is simply amazing... unlike the usual cutesy or detailed-type anime characters in many games. It has a touch of it gives off noir-film like feels, which is very suitable to its rather heavy storyline.

2. All the characters in the game feels "fleshed out" or sth... they each have their own charm (and creepy side) to them.

3. The storyline is very nice, it differ to the typical dog-blood plot like story(?), and everything comes off as a "surprise" even when you kinda predict a few of the plotline(?).

4. The background music, voice actor, and sound effects are great as well. Once again, I think the music suit the theme very much. What's more they got 4 voice actors for each characters and you can adjust the voice for each characters, which is very rare (maybe there are lots of those kinds but, blame me for my lacking in this regards, I've never encountered a game with such feature).

5. It is quite friendly to F2P players with quite a high rate to obtain S-rank... (as was I, got quite a collection of S-ranked sinners). and one of the best thing about it is: "low-ranked" sinners also have their own "advantages" that is... "If you play your cards well", you could use the beginner-freebies sinners to great length(?).

6. The UI design is as interesting as it is fresh to me. the world is very well built, there's a lot of in-game information, which make the story "clearer".

7. If there's one thing lacking from the game, it would probably be a PVP system (the only way you could "challenge" yourself against others are probably in guild raids and events bosses...)

8. Another thing to commend is the spirit of the devs to aim for the better... they always have this questionnaire after each and every events, which show how they "care" for the players (sappy much?[委屈])

well... I guess that's it... overall, its a very fascinating game... must try(?)

Cats Mansion: Idle Games


the graphic is super cute. I love it [開心]. I've recently (like not really recent anymore tho) really into merge games so its my cup of tea. the game is pretty good overall.

Life Makeover | Global


Areally great game... (could be said as expected of archosaur)

I really love the visual of the game.

The story itself is quite nice; even if the investigation part could sometimes be kinda confusing?(maybe its just me tho). I really liked the sister character in the game [大哭]...

The gameplay itself is nice... I love the dresses, the diversity of choice you could "make" with it and how you could even "create" your own 'pattern'? or sth. its cool

I like the "home" thingy... even if it could be said it looks quite like an additional content?
(coz you can "do lots of things" there but it won't really help you much? (at least for now, I think?)).
But I gotta say the cooking part could be done better (in dragon raja(another game by archosaur) They at least need you to buy the ingredients for cooking), but this is just personal opinion. it could be deemed too bothersome by some but for me its quite fun to do things like that (I guess its the soul of errand-runner speaking).

another thing that bothers me is that restriction when you want to wear some clothing or accessories... like... I got this teddy bear backpack that almost couldn't be worn along with any clothing. (like... not really but its starting to irk me). while I understand the sentiment that it may ruin the clothing etc. its also saddening...

uh... anyway its a great game keep it up devs[開心]

The Tale of Food | Global


overall the game is great.
graphic's really nice; especially those chibis [開心]
and the storyline is quite interesting.
I like the bits about the story behind all those chinese food etc. (maybe its more like... I like the concept)
the only problem so far (for me personally) I think I would really prefer being able to change the language of the character voice.

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